Industrial Engineering Office


Cost calculation

We provide cost estimates and detailed calculations for complex plant engineering projects as well as individual sub-sections. We draw on our vast network of suppliers or work with your selected regular suppliers. The calculations are prepared in a structured and clearly comprehensible way, supporting you with all following process steps.

To make it easier for you to decide between internal manufacturing and procurement we conduct research on this topic and prepare detailed make or buy studies for you. You then receive a com-prehensive exposé with a results report including all advantages and disadvantages.

Project management

Project management is the deciding factor when it comes to completing a task professionally, on time and cost-efficiently.

We assume all project work or parts of it for you, becoming your “professional temporary project team”. We are down to earth, extremely reliable and will support you with words and deeds even in difficult project stages.

We are a solution-oriented and holistic partner with integrity that will never lose sight of the significant project targets and that aims for optimal project completion at all times. We create reports, calculations etc. for traceable project documentation even after project completion.

Supplier management

We distinguish between the management of system suppliers/standard suppliers and the management/selection of suppliers for a specific project or undertaking.

While working with approved suppliers mainly focusses on development, systematic monitoring and integration, in the case of projects we first have to determine the demands to find and select the right project suppliers.

Identifying potential suppliers on the basis of selection criteria such as price, quality, reliability, technical competence, logistics, capacity etc. is one of the core tasks of project procurement strategy.

The goal is to procure materials and services as cheaply, safely and high in quality as possible at the right time.

Problem management

In the literature a problem is an issue with an 80% probability of occurrence of a risk or more. The popular strategy of putting one’s head in the sand is futile. Instead one must begin analysing and processing the problem right away.

Our experienced team attempts to quickly get a clear picture of the problem and to create several solution approaches with you using discursive problem solving techniques. We utilise our weighted catalogue of criteria to help you select a solution and accompany you during the entire solution process.

"If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions." - Albert Einstein, Physicist

Chance and risk management

Every problem harbours equal opportunities and risks. We help you identify, analyse, evaluate and prioritise the opportunities/risks as well as creating, monitoring and controlling measures. Utilising our specially developed management tool we accompany you from the bidding stage to project completion. We sensitise and train your project employees on the specific demands and requirements of your customer, thus helping you achieve the most profitable project success possible.

Every single employee plays an important role in risk management. We can only handle risks that we have identified.

Claim und conflict management

In the project business there is no perfect contract, no sufficient or complete specifications and hardly ever will you encounter a project without changes to the performances or adaptations.
Therefore it’s all the more important to build a well structured and documented claim management system from the start of the project to make sure you can identify customer/supplier demands early on the one hand and that you can plan measures on enforcing your own claims against contractual partners on the other. We find arguments and prepare claims for you, create suitable strategies and solutions and accompany you in negotiations and conflicts.

The most important factors for successfully signing a contract are: Expert knowledge, knowledge of human nature, negotiating skills and to always be better prepared than your counterpart!

Power of representation

According to § 134 of the trade regulation 1994, BGBl. Nr. 194/1994 in the valid version, engineering offices are – in the context of their trade authorisation – entitled to represent their clients before authorities or corporations of public right (e.g. building authorities, trade authorities, energy law authorities, AUVA, etc.).

In addition, given you provide us with a powers of attorney we represent you towards all private contract partners and carry out negotiations, audits or other controls or checks for you.


We not only create independent, impartial expert assessments for you but are also the right address for examinations, inspections, measurements and calculations.
We perform expert assessments for the entire spectrum of the relevant field, namely industrial engineering in mechanical engineering.

Based on the many years of experience of our company’s founder we also offer you studies or business plans on the optimal manufacturing or production location in Eastern Europe. We accompany you during official procedures as well as construction and are at your disposal as start-up support.